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rules of chaos

<Dicast: Rules of Chaos> is a tactical board game, which is familiar to players worldwide. Unlike other typical board games, we implemented the rapid gameplay factor of the AOS genre and added the enjoyment of combat and character growth. We also applied the dice card system, successfully overcoming the drawbacks of relying on pure luck by rolling a dice and took strategic gameplay to a whole new level. Starting with the release of the mobile version of the game which is focused on 1-on-1 battles, we are currently working on the main game which will be available for PC(Steam) and console(PS4) with various battle modes and new content.


To stop the world from destruction and become “Dicast,” the hero who will set the orders of the new world…

The world was a complete chaos.

God created ‘Dice of the Divines,’ a sacred treasure which looked over the orders that maintained this universe.
The sacred treasure was put in the center of the world. By the order of the Dice, six races came to life, built cities and kept harmony.

One day, a fight broke out.
A dispute became a war. There was no end in sight, despite having spilled too much blood already.

Sages of each race headed to the center of the world. There stood the ‘Undead,’ which was forbidden from being there. The Lich King, ruler of the Undead, harnessed dark force upon God’s treasure to alter the ‘First Order’: “The Undead shall not step outside of the Dark Forest.” As a consequence, the orders of the world were being twisted.

Sages confronted the Lich King and warned that the alliance of the 5 races will attack the Dark Forest if he does not put the center of the world back to how it was.

Instead of a war, the Lich King suggested that they choose a new owner of the ‘Dice of the Divines’ by having a match.

Dice Duel, a play of the Gods, was chosen as the match event. Sages took the offer and searched for heroes of the five races, who will battle with the Undead later on.

Heroes from all over the world gathered to the center of the world to harness the power of the Dice.
To stop the world from destruction and become ‘Dicast,’ the hero who will set the orders of the new world…


A well-made casual board game with real combat and strategy

Beat-em-up REAL combat!
  • Get ready for a real fight where you win with your own attacks and skills, instead of a passive match where you wait for your opponent to make a mistake!
  • Attacks, taunts, special skills and more! Breathtaking action which exceeds the limit of any other board games!
  • Take a final blow at your opponent and seize your victory!
Determining the outcome with REAL tactics!
  • Real strategy combat with dice cards and skill combinations, rather than throwing dices repeatedly and relying on your luck!
  • ‘Dice Cards,’ a feature which adds strategic elements to luck from the randomness of the dice
  • Various strategies possible with combining character skills and base(HQ) traits
REAL collecting and leveling within the game!
  • Real leveling system associated deeply with the progress of the game, instead of dull and simple cash grab leveling mechanics
  • Character upgrade system with random rewards and strategic selections combined
  • Collecting and upgrading bases(HQs) which add strategy to the game and aid character leveling

Block & DiceCard

Screen shot

With these awesome graphics, you will fully enjoy our game. It is nothing like your typical board game.


Press Kit

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  • Developer : BSS company
  • Release : Mobile release for Android and iOS scheduled in the 2018
  • Web site : http://dicast.bsscamp.com
  • Price : not yet decided
  • Press Contact : bss@bsscamp.com


These are the Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) about <Dicast: Rules of Chaos>

What differentiates this game from other games?
We aim to provide a whole new board game experience for players with amazing graphics, combat action display, and an all-new dice card system.
How long does it take to finish a game?
From 3 minutes to 10. It will be thoroughly tested and tuned until release.
How does the character leveling work?
The 2 main things to level up are ‘Heroes,’ your actual playable characters, and ‘Bases,” which act as a start point for the characters and supports them during combat.
How many characters are there?
We currently have 7 heroes prepared for competition. More characters will be added, so get your hopes up!
Does the game support single play?
Yes. AI system will be implemented in the game to help players get the hang of the game and test out new heroes and strategies.
Does the game offer multi language support?
Yes. The game will support every language for countries we will launch our game at, starting from Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese.
How big is the game’s client size?
It will be around 100MB.
On which platform(s) will the game be released on?
We are planning to release the game starting from Android and iOS to PC(Steam) and console(PS4).
When will the game be launched?
The mobile versions will be launched this year. The PC and console version is scheduled to be released next year.
What is the pricing policy for the mobile app?
The mobile versions will be free of charge, with in-app purchases.


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Dicast: Dash is a spin-off mini game which directly shares resources with the main game, Dicast: Rules of Chaos. It is a tale of the heroes who set off to the battlegrounds to become the glorious Dicast.

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